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Hamlin or Zibby?


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Ravens fans are concerned about how effective the Ravens secondary will be this year. We know the defense will stop the run stone cold, so obvously teams will look in another direction and test the secondary often....that's not rocket science game planning.


There is the team focus on pressuring the QB to provide the secondary with help and I think they will do better in that department this year...but that's another article.


If they can get strong play out of their safeties than that will go a long way to providing additional aid to the corners. Couple that with a solid pass rush and QB pressure and the corners jobs just becomes more manageable.


I'm not fooling myself into thinking Ed Reed will be ready to play in the beginning of this season....if at all. The Ravens are thinking the same or they would not have signed Hamlin.

I do know that one fine day, September 13th, the Baltimore Ravens will have to put 2 safeties on the field.

I think it will be Landry and Zibby.


There should be a great camp battle between Hamlin and Zibby which will only make both of them perform better. In a Sun article today I was impressed by Zibby's off season efforts to get better...


The next step, he knew, was what he did in the offseason. The Arlington Heights, Ill., native headed back to his offseason training haunt, the Turner Pain and Wellness Center in Naperville, Ill. There, he told owner Mark Turner he needed to address several self-described deficiencies, including change of direction, acceleration and jumping ability.


"This was probably the first year he was honest with himself in what he needed to improve upon," Turner said. "He felt like he was 3 inches away from a lot of big plays last year. He has really grown up this year and taken responsibility."


Turner put Zbikowski through an exotic routine of plyometrics and functional sport- and position-specific exercises. Turner said Zbikowski increased his vertical jump by nearly 8 inches.


"Before, he couldn't touch the rim," Turner said. "Now he can dunk."


Zbikowski also wanted to strengthen his neck and improve his durability in case he gets to return punts this season. He added 21/2 inches to his neck, Turner said.



Ken 'The Hit Man' Hamlin is a good safety but was never as good as all the hype he received. He should be very solid depth to spell Landry and Zibby. Nevertheless, he's not getting 'back-up' money so Zibby has to clearly win this thing outright. I think he can based on how well he played at the end of last season and in the playoffs. That is valuable experience. This is his 3rd season and I think the 'light bulb' will turn on. Zibby is a fierce competator.


I think Ed Reed knows he can and was ticked off by the Hamlin signing. I'm not. Welcome to Baltimore Ken...and prove me wrong


These players are tight...there's solidarity and pride amoung these Ravens....Hamlin has to show that he's a 'Raven' to break into that solidarity. I think he can.


Note to Matteson: Start the best man and don't let money and hype be the deceiding factor.

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Guest BallTMore

I hope and believe Zibby will win.


I thought Zibby did a great job filling in for Ed last season. He was good coming up against the run, and stayed at home in passing situations. I would expect him to improve all the more this season if he wins the starting role.


As for Hamlin. I just can't get the image of McClain and McGahee making him look foolish two seasons ago.

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