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Not football but still Cleveland

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I watched UFC 203 but didn't hear about that. Crazy!


Miocic is an animal though. He put on a show. The Cleveland crowd was electric embracing their hometown hero. I would like to see Miocic get a chance to avenge his loss to Dos Santos.


The Browne-Werdum fight was absolutely pathetic. First off, two guys with really bad bodies and it looked like fitness was a problem. Second, did Browne truly have such a low level of confidence in his ground game? He got Werdum down a few times but wouldn't even try to pounce and take advantage. Not even later in the fight when he needed to. Werdum tried to mock him by staying on the ground but that was an embarrassment to the UFC IMO because Werdum looked super unathletic trying to get up on his own. I'm glad the crowd booed them out of the arena.


Third, Joe Rogan is right, how is a dislocated finger any different than any other sort of injury that wouldn't stop a fight? Browne got his time stoppage because Copeland (btw, is the UFC going to drug test this guy?) wasn't sure what happened, but that won't be looked back upon in a good way.


Finally, the best action was after the fight when the two camps got into it. The UFC should have let them fight because the crowd paid money to see a true stinker for the real fight.

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