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Preseason: Week 3


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  • 3 weeks later...

I LOVE the routes and sets I am seeing on offense. Receivers are running over the middle of the field, we have quick slants, timing routes on the corner, back shoulder passes, and seem routes up the middle. The Flacco touchdown to Boldin was a thing of beauty. Boldin's hands are money, the first catch was completely behind him and he adjusted, got his head around, and made the catch with his arms fully extended. For the record, Clayton needs to go for the ball with two hands. I am not only talking about the helmet-to-helmet hit, but on the deep sideline pass as well he only went for it with one arm.


Even though we only got a field goal from the first redzone series, I loved the playcalling. The backshoulder pass to Mason was a pass we have not seen in over a decade. The timing was a little off, but it will get there. Then the pass to Mason over the middle would have been a touchdown if Flacco had the pocket room to step into that throw. Even so, Mason probably should have caught it.


Flacco has complete control of this offense. He is making calls at the line taking advantage of the mismatches, he is hitting different receivers, he is scanning the whole field, and he is throwing the ball to every spot on the field.


The defense looked shakey at first, but it has held. Pass coverage has been solid, run defense has been weak. Opposite of what we are used to. The corners are pressing and playing good coverage, I like that. On the flip side I am seeing a lot of arm tackles and lunging out of everyone on defense. We are penetrating and getting the first hit on the runningback at the line of scrimage, but we are not able to bring him down. The defense was shored up though in the second quarter.


Ray Lewis has looked slow this preseason. That is understandable, he should still be very good for us he just has lost a couple of steps.

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