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Pass Rush Had A Good Night


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Barnes has always impressed me with his speed, high intensity motor and nose for the ball. He's a playmaker. He gave Pro Bowler Jorden Gross more than he could handle and finding that ball on the goal line and getting it first is a skill you can't teach.


Kelly Talavou had 1.5 critical sacks..

The 6-foot-2, 350-pound Talavou isnt exactly known as pocket collapser, but there he was Thursday night, taking down Hunter Cantwell twice on the Panthers final drive of the contest.

I just told my coach, Let me be free a little bit, Talavou said. I just shut off the guard and bull-rushed the crap out of him. Thank God I was there to make the sack.



Pryce saw limited action but I was watching him. He had his way with whoever was in front of him. I love the idea of rotating him in this season. Keep him fresh and he will be productive.



7 Sacks...not too shabby...

Paul "Nightmare on Russell Street" Kruger 1.5

Nakamura and Zibby had 1 each. Both played very well...I was impressed.

Divens 1....good game..

Talavue 1.5

Gooden 1.


Cody impressed me. He's not Sam Adams...yet. He played offense, defense and special teams. The media can rag on the shape he's in but they are wrong. He had a minimum of the center and guard on him at all times...sometimes 3 men and Cody was moving them.


Can't say much about Suggs, Ngata, Gregg, Ray, Johnson ect...they barely played. I couldn't keep track of Cory Redding...anybody know how well he did?


This tells the story...

QB.............QB Rating

J. Clausen 8/15..... 41.0

H. Cantwell 6/17 ... 48.2

M. Moore 4/7 .......68.8

T. Pike 0/1........-39.6


"Hey coach...ok if I go over and dry those puppies off?"


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