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Pre Game Thoughts


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Let's see how much junk I can get into one post...



The Ravens are wearing Purple tonight.ravens.gif


I can't wait to be standing at my seat and see the Ravens Band march down the field to the new fight song. I'm sure the tune will elicit some old memories but it's not about that for me. It's just a better tune. I've had PSL's for 15 years and I can't tell you one word from the old song. It was lame and flat.

For those who are skepitcal or don't want the change, you'll grow to like it. When it's played after at TD and the crowd screams "Fight! Fighht! Fight!" you'll get the goose bumps too.


Then there is the pride thing...we stake out our turf with "For Baltimore... and Maryland.. You will fly on to victory!"


And....10 years from now most fans won't know where the tune came from anyway.


Eli Manning and Brandon Jacobs.. "Welcome to Baltimore". They thumped the Jets 31-16 and lost to the Stealers 24-17.


I hear their O line is patched up so it could get ugly tonight. The Giants D line can bring the heat, so this is a good test for the O line.


It wouldn't hurt my feelings to see Flacco have a night like Aaron Rodgers had Thursday..21 for 29 for 195 yards, 3 TD's and a 124.9 passer rating. Nope...wouldn't hurt me at all...eyebrow.gif

But....... I hear Cam will be putting on the brakes. He wants to see the O in difficult downs and distances. "I'm really trying to put on some ankle weights a little bit at times in the preseason to find out some things that we might not find in the normal part of the season," Cameron said. "I want to see the quarterback get completions when we get bad looks, when the defense really has the advantage."


Personally I get more joy when the other team is in that situation. Lining up against most defenses in the NFL is a difficult situation. Scoring touchdowns on them is too. The 1st unit offense hasn't had many TD's so far (4 Total, 1 air, 3 ground) or solid scoring drives so I'd say they are already in a difficult situation.

Let them try to score Cam.


It wouldn't hurt my feelings if Mattison continues to unleash the hounds.



Just don't pull their pants of Suggs...OK?!



All eyes will be on the secondary and that is one confident bunch. I've seen interviews, videos.. and they believe they will get the job done.



Keep an eye on Special Teams. This might be the best group in years. A very important ingredient for winning football. That unit could take this team over the top this season.

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