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Not Good for Kindle

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I guess we saw this comming...


The Ravens are not expecting rookie outside linebacker Sergio Kindle to play at all this year, as results from his early-September medical exam in Baltimore were finally released.


Now, the Ravens will work with the NFL Management Council and Kindle’s agent, Joel Segal, on a contract that reflects the circumstances of his head injury.


“He’s got some serious issues that he’s dealing with,” said Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh. “I think the chances of him playing this year are slim. We’ll be very, very careful, the doctors will be very careful, Sergio will be very careful with that type of an injury.”


“I’m looking at it as a coach like, ‘Let’s just get him healthy, get him right and taken care of, and then down the road, see if he has a chance to play football.’”http://blogs.baltimoreravens.com/2010/09/17/kindles-chances-to-play-slim-for-2010/


He's a second round pick but they can't give him second round money now. Can't play this year and who knows if he can ever play. Terrible luck for Kindle.

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