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Huge Game Today

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The Ravens have a big opportunity to hurt the Bengals today with a win. That would place the Bengals at 0-2 with a divisional loss and a conference loss....2 games behind the Ravens in the AFC North.


It would end a streak of being "owned by Palmer and the Bengals"...big psychological hurdle and lift.


They would at least be tied with the Stealers if the Stealers win. A Stealer loss would put them a game behind with a Conference loss and the Ravens would have sole possesion of the AFC North.


A Ravens loss continues Bengals 'ownership', boosts their confidence, and has them tied with the Ravens in first place (if Stealers lose)....owning the tie breaker.



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I am tired of this owned by Palmer, he has really not been the difference since 2004-6, since then it has been a ridiculos weak Ravens offense and playcalling who had been the difference, and a well coached Marwin Lewis team (not 2008), so owned by Marwin make sense not Palmer!

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