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Chapman throws fastest pitch ever recorded!


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History was made today by a Cincinnati Red!


Chapman throws fastest pitch ever recorded

By Steve Henson, Yahoo! Sports


SAN DIEGO – Aroldis Chapman(notes) was summoned from the bullpen one batter too late to make a difference in the game. No matter. The 22-year-old Cincinnati Reds left-hander made do by making history Friday night, throwing the fastest pitch recorded in a major league game, a 105-mph fastball.



Ardolis Chapman's 25 pitches on Friday night (each registering 100 mph or faster, including his record-breaking 105 mph heater) must have been a blur to Padres batters.


The blazing pitch pushed a white-hot pennant race to the back burner. Yes, the San Diego Padres won the game 4-3 to pull ahead of the Atlanta Braves in the National League wild-card race. Sure, the San Francisco Giants all but buried the Colorado Rockies thanks to a dominant performance by Tim Lincecum(notes).


But the lingering memory was of a now-you-see-it, did-I-actually-see-it fastball to Tony Gwynn(notes) in the eighth inning. The pitch was not a fluke: Chapman threw 25 pitches in his 1 1/3 innings of relief, and every one was at least 100 mph. He didn’t throw a slider. He didn’t throw a changeup. Why would he?


From Walter Johnson to Bob Feller to Steve Dalkowski to J.R. Richard to Nolan Ryan to Stephen Strasburg, blistering velocity is etched forever in baseball lore. Rush Chapman to the head of the list. Has anybody in the history of the game had a comparable 25-pitch sequence?

Read the rest here.

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Im setting the over and under at May 3rd 2011 for 15 day DL and June 15th for the "I need Tommy John" surgery.


FYI, I was spot on on the kid from the Nationals, the under was the winner

Well crav, Chapman got his 1st win tonight as the Cincinnati Reds CLINCHED the NL Central Title, (that means real baseball, no American League steady hitter sandlot BS) ushering them into the playoffs.




As far as your prediction of his demise, I'll be watching that closely, for I feel you don't know what you're talking about. You picked a peach on the Nationals pitcher. They pushed him way too early. Chapman is not out of that mold. His arm can handle the job for he is the real deal.

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