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Terrell Suggs' "Tell"


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My friend noticed this at the game yesterday when we were there. Maybe it's something everyone knows about, the team included, but I hadn't heard it before.


Suggs generally sets up in a three point stance with one foot forward and the other back (and I can't remember now, but let's say L forward, R back).


Well, if Sizzle is going to rush the QB in anyway... he stays like that. If Sizzle is going to drop into coverage, shortly after setting in the 3-point, he switches which foot is forward.


That simple. We watched it all day long. Time after time. Not once did he rush after 'moving' his feet in his set.


And I have 2 thoughts:


1. Maybe it's not that big of a deal. Many times the O can spot who is rushing through other factors anyway, so what does it matter?

2. I cannot believe no one on our D or coaching staff notices this and changes it. Because I have a feeling the Browns knew it. "Suggs is dropping back... look the other way for your TE," or "Suggs is coming, run the other way."

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