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3 Weeks in a Row

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For 3 weeks in a row a Ravens players has been named as an AFC Player of the Week.


This week it's Weedle as Defensive Player of the Week

Last week it was Judon.

The week before it was Koch as AFC Special Teams Player of the Week.


Man...It would be nice to keep the string going. Maybe this week it's Joe as Offensive Player of the Week. :gorave:



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I mean...check it out....Joe's taking steps to get there this week....




Joe Flacco Named PFF’s QB of the Week … How He and Offense Can Replicate It

Quarterback Joe Flacco can go ahead and eat another “W” because he was just named Pro Football Focus’ (PFF) quarterback of the week.

After struggling for most of the season, Flacco played his best game of the year in a 44-20 victory over the Detroit Lions. He threw for a season-high 269 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions.

If it weren’t for four drops by receivers, Flacco would’ve eclipsed 300 yards. That’s why his “elite PFF stat” of adjusted completion percentage (accounting for drops, throwaways and spikes) was an impressive 86.7 percent.

“Joe Flacco had by far his best game of the season against the Detroit Lions, looking like the quarterback that led the Ravens to the Super Bowl for the first time in years,” wrote PFF’s Sam Monson. “Flacco made very few errors in the game, and was kept clean for all but seven dropbacks, completing 72.4 percent of his passes from a clean pocket and racking up a passer rating of 120.0 on those attempts.”.......http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/article-1/Late-for-Work-126-Joe-Flacco-Named-PFFs-QB-of-the-Week-How-He-and-the-Offense-Can-Replicate-It/799a5bf7-4078-4ef7-a6cb-8aca2effbb3c
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