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Comment From Tyler]

Ken, Trent Dilfer was on 105.7 the fan recently and said that Cam's offensive scheme doesnt involve progressions for the Qb its just 2 options or so followed by a checkdown. Is this true? Because the more i watch the more it looks to be true plus that would explain why Rb's in Cams offenses always have so many catches.



Ken Murray: Trent knows better than I know, Tyler. That's not what we're led to believe, though. I think with the offensive line struggling to protect Flacco, he's had to short-circuit the reads to get the ball out. He still has some hesitancy, and we saw that again yesterday. He's not a finished product. But you make a very valid point in how Cam's running backs are usually favorite targets.


Clipped from the Sun's Raven Insider website.

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