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Wide receiver Anquan Boldin was brought in to be the top playmaker in the Ravens' passing attack. But he was rarely used in the Ravens' playoff loss at Pittsburgh. His most memorable play was letting a pass bounce off his chest in the end zone with four minutes left in the game. A touchdown would have put the Ravens ahead, 28-24. Instead, they settled for a game-tying field goal.


"It was just a low throw," he said. "I tried to come up with it."


Boldin finished with one catch for minus-two yards. He was targeted five times.






A low throw that bounces off the chest?




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Low throw - which is why it was hard to catch. Why he was sliding and hard to get to. But also the only throw that doesn't get him killed by the three guys around him (radio said he ducked out earlier in the game on a crossing route?)


But high enough that his hands were under it... so it's not like he wasn't in the right spot.

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If it bounces off your chest, there is no excuse.

Can't argue. That was a solid throw by Flacco, but living in Arizona and watching Anquan play for the Cardinals for many years I can't say he was ever really a possession receiver. Tourage Houshmandzadeh certainly was in Cincinnati, but he too dropped an easy catch.



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Receiver rule : It hits your hands/chest ... should be a catch.


There is zero excuse. Would be tolerable if a defender had his arm in there... but nope, dart to the heart and no clinch. clean cut drop. the end.

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