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Its hard to say what's going to happen with the Ravens next year. There is so much uncertainty. Will there be a lockout and what effect will that have on the season? Who is going to retire? Who can and should we re-sign? What kind of a draft will we have (last year's didn't work out so good with the first 2 picks)? I have a feeling it will be very difficult to win 12 games again whenever the next season happens.


I really don't have any definite thoughts as to what to do with the offense. Should Cam go? Somehow, I'm not sure its really all his fault but one has to admit that the offense played way below its potential. We had a star studded cast of receivers and a good quarterback but we didn't do well in the passing game or the running game. The offensive line was out of kilter ever since we lost Gaither. Hard to believe he was really that valuable but the results speak for themselves.


The defense is aging. The linebacking play was solid with Suggs and Lewis but the others were just so-so. We appear to have some talent at the corners but no real shutdown CB. Landry was adequate but not great. Reed was solid.


We need help at so many spots and so many of our guys are up for free agency that I don't think we can nearly fill ALL the holes so it becomes a priority of which do we fill? I'd say LT, LB (we need another Suggs), CB, and younger faster WR's. Keep Boldin for sure and maybe Stallworth (if we use him), but we need some superior speed and an ability to get open. But filling even those few holes of the several we have will be difficult through just the draft especially when its such a crap shoot after the first round.


I'm dismayed. I think we may have missed our last chance for a Super Bowl season for a long time. Is it just me being pessimistic, or are we indeed in deep trouble?

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