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IE Issues

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Its me again :)


OK, the puter just did a 7 day update on me. and turned out it was IE 7.0..I had this problem before with 7.0 and restored my computer to get rid of 7.0.


My problem, I open a thread, it has an article in it..I then open the article link, fine I read the article then go to "X" it closed, it will close but also the entire ER site will close..


7.0 must have a mind of its own because now it wont let me download Firefox..


Any suggestions?

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Newer browsers use a 'tabbing' system.


It is not opening an entire new window with the link... it is opening a new tab within the window...


Go open a link in a window again... look below the web address bar (where is says http://www.extremeravens... etc etc)... you should see multiple tabs there. The very first one is probably ExtremeRavens. The second one is probably what you just opened.


Instead of closing the entire IE. You need to close just the tab.


Here's an example of what it looks like:





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