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This dude is on crack


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14. M&T Bank Stadium (Baltimore Ravens)


Seating Capacity: 71,008

Playing Surface: Sportexe Momentum Turf

Opened: 1998


Located within walking distance from a really good time known as Inner Harbor, M&T Bank Stadium is the proud owner of a Vince Lombardi Trophy and home to one of the game’s all-time great linebackers in Ray Lewis(notes).


However, despite qualifying for the playoffs seven times in the last 11 years, M&T has hosted only three postseason games in its existence, with two of them resulting in losses.


M&T ranks in the middle of the pack because as far as I can tell, it doesn’t really stand out in any of the stadium ranking criteria categories. The building is nice, the fans are good, the location is above average and there is some historical significance, but not a whole lot.


There’s not really anything else to say.



12. Soldier Field (Chicago Bears)


Seating Capacity: 61,500

Playing Surface: A crappy combination of grass and mud.

Opened: 1924


After undergoing a $365 million renovation that was completed in 2003, here are some of the things that were said about the new-look Soldier Field:


“It looks like a UFO crash-landed on an ancient ruin.”


“It’s like a fat man trying to wedge himself into a skinny man’s shorts.”


The Chicago Tribune called it the “Monstrosity on the Midway.”


You like the view?


Still, Soldier gets bonus points for location (by the lake in the great city of Chicago), fans and historical significance. Think about it: This place has been around since 1924. That’s before the stock market crashed!


Additional Bonus Points: After catching a game at Soldier, you’re within walking distance of Lou Malnati’s.


Soldier Field is a disgrace now. This list is asinine.

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