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This is so amazing! World Record.

Rai Benjamin wins silver for US in 400 meter hurdles at Tokyo Olympics (usatoday.com)

I ran high and low hurdles in high school. By the time this guy finished I might have been half way.


Warholm crossed the finish line in 45.94 seconds, lowering the world record he set a month ago by 0.76. Benjamin won silver in 46.17. And even Alison dos Santos of Brazil, who took bronze, flirted with Warholm's previous world best of 46.70, coming up short by just two-hundredths of a second, in 46.72. 

"I would say this was probably the best race ever, in Olympic history," Benjamin said. "I don't think any other race compares to what we just did, about two hours ago. It's undeniable. Like, there's nothing you can compare to what just happened out there."

The times were so low, so dumbfoundingly fast, that Benjamin said he didn't believe them at first, when they appeared on the scoreboard at Tokyo's Olympic Stadium. He saw Warholm's time first. "What the hell?" he thought. Then he saw his own time and thought "there's no way."

Benjamin removed his headband and put his hands on his knees. Warholm let out a primal scream and ripped open his shirt. He later said he couldn't feel his legs for the final 20 meters of the race. He just sensed that there was "a crazy American" trying to catch him, and urged his legs forward.


There are many ways to contextualize the greatness of Tuesday's race, but let's run through just a few.

Until the beginning of last month, the world record was 46.78 seconds. It was set by Kevin Young in 1992 – before Benjamin and Warholm, both 25, were born. The top three finishers all bested it Tuesday.

And it wasn't just the medalists. Six of the eight men in the race set new national records for their respective nations. The times recorded by fourth- and fifth-place finishers – Kyron McMaster of the British Virgin Islands and Abderrahman Samba of Qatar – would have been good enough to win gold medals at any of the past five Olympic Games.

"What you saw today was the epitome of greatness,"..Rai Benjamin wins silver for US in 400 meter hurdles at Tokyo Olympics (usatoday.com)


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