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Problems with guys the Ravens might like


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Iowa DE Adrian Clayborn


Like Little, Clayborn's problems aren't athletic. The 6-foot-3, 281-pound pass rusher recorded a solid 1.66 ten-yard split (the same as 319-pound Dareus) and 4.13 short shuttle, to go with a 4.83 forty time. Clayton's red flags have to do with his medical. ESPN's Tony Softli reported just before the Combine that Clayborn suffers from Erb's Palsy, which affects the right side of his body. SI's Don Banks predicts that Clayborn will "probably slip some" because of the condition. His right arm is "mal-developed" and has forced Clayborn to play only right end. Coming off a poor senior season and lacking versatility, Clayborn is no longer a first-round shoo-in.


I like this guy a lot. This info changes a lot too. Maybe he could turn into a later steal. I liked him because of the versatility of the game I was seeing. Maybe he can't be as movable in the NFL.


Colorado CB Jimmy Smith


Another athletic phenom with major character concerns, Smith did not disappoint in timed drills in Indy. The definition of a "size corner" at 6-foot-2 1/4 and 211 pounds, Smith blazed the track with an official 4.46 forty, unofficially timing as fast as 4.38. Smith also repped 225 pounds 24 times to rank second among cornerbacks at the Combine. Multiple reports have suggested Smith's poor football character will cost him dearly in April, however, and he admitted to only one past arrest in his media interview. Smith was arrested at least twice in college and failed multiple drug tests.


So he was nailed twice for underaged drinking. I do not see that as a horrible problem. He also failed a drug test. I can't fiind what he took. Just a guess but probably weed. Also not a huge issue. The question is will he let either of those rule his life?



Some concerns aren't just off the field, some view his drive in the NFL is in a different direction, as Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post says, “think [smith] might want to be a celebrity more than he wants to be a good NFL cornerback.”

This is what concerns me.

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