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If you and your family want to survive global warming, then go where the rich are buying up property. 


The new study isn't the first to peg New Zealand as a solid outlet for survival. Silicon Valley billionaires have been eyeing the island for years as a potential outpost in case things go to hell. According to a report from The Guardian, people like Peter Thiel and several cryptocurrency millionaires have already started buying up property and building bunkers in the country. It's something to keep in mind if you move to New Zealand: Sure, you might survive climate change, but think of who your neighbors would be.

If New Zealand starts to fill up before you get there, the second-best spot, per the report, is just a short swim over in Tasmania, a small Australian island. Tasmania claimed the silver medal in the survival Olympics thanks to its thriving agricultural infrastructure, which is built to sustain if everything goes to shit. That said, it's a small island that likely can't support a huge population uptick, so don't expect to be greeted like a hero when you show up as the world is ending. But if you can get in, odds of survival are pretty good..........These 6 countries are most likely to survive a climate change-caused societal collapse (mic.com)


Very interesting article. The smart people have long been aware that global warming is a reality and they naturally, in the survival of the fittest mode, are making pro active plans. Quietly......they are getting "Squatters Rights."



 the worst-case climate scenarios suggest the global economy will collapse anyway,

This is why aggressive actions and measures plus huge amounts of money need to be taken right now. $3 trillion is a drop in the bucket compared to what the costs will be later if too little is done now.


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