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Thanks to Kevin Byrne...




While young players were working on special teams near the end of a recent practice, I noticed Joe Flacco throwing a ball toward a garbage can behind the end zone. Depending on where he released the ball, Joe was 38 to 40 yards away from the target. He was firing rockets. I watched five throws, two hitting the container, one skimming off the side and two close misses.


I then realized what Joe was trying to do: throw the ball into the hole in the can facing him. The hole is 14 inches wide and 7 inches high. After about 10 throws, Cam Cameron yelled: "You put the ball in that hole from there, and there will be no [offensive] meetings tonight." Cam then looked at me and said: "If he gets it in that small hole, it should be on YouTube." The next throw was about 8 inches high. Then, bam, dead center. Anquan Boldin looked over at Cam: "No meetings tonight!" (They did end up meeting, but not as long, and Anquan said that Cam still owes them.)





There's a few feel good moments reported by Kevin in this article.

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