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Only 1 SB Trophy

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It's playoff time so...

How about a sneak peek at the multiple personalities I have chatting in my head right now? :)




Nobody knows what next year brings or the next.

Teams wait decades to win a SB. Many never have.


I don't care about the 11 other Cinderella stories in the playoffs. There's only 1 that I care about and that's the 2008 Baltimore Ravens.


The compitition will never get easier, the Ravens never more mature or ready, and something will always be missing or needed.


giveup_tn.gif "So why not win the damened thing this year!?!"


"Oh I don't know Bluto...we have a rookie QB and HC...a banged up secondary....and there's the Titans, Colts and Stealers!"


giveup_tn.gif "I'm not focusing on what this team lacks. NOT ME!I know the players and coaches aren't. They believe they have what it takes and...I DO TOO!"


The big chance is now.

This team has what it takes to shock the NFL world.


"I've been telling you that all along!"







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