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Smoltz to Sox


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SCREW baseball. The Red Sox now have SIX starting pitchers, and all six of them are better than any that the Orioles have. This free spending garbage is too far out of hand, and I'm done with it.


Go Ravens.


John Smoltz has pitched his entire major league career with the Atlanta Braves, but he is on the verge of a deal with the Boston Red Sox, according to sources.


Smoltz, 41, has pitched in 708 games for the Braves, winning 210 games and earning 154 saves. He has been been rehabilitating his shoulder since having surgery last season, and there have been reports that the has made excellent progress.


Smoltz's departure from Atlanta would come in a winter in which the Braves have struggled to fill holes in their rotation; Atlanta was unable to land Jake Peavy, after extensive trade talks, and was unable to sign free agent A.J. Burnett.

(Yeah, John f*cking Smoltz is what it took to put me over the edge.)



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Just another reason why baseball needs a hard salary cap. Prevents Yankees tickets from costing 4 times as much as Royals tickets. Also prevents things such as teams having consecutive 65 win seasons. Look at the NFL how many teams have consistently had losing season. It seems like there are more ups and downs in the NFL then MLB..That's the way it should be.

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