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Who is Ed Reed?


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Pretty cool feature on ESPN.


OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Here is something you didn't know about Ed Reed: He'd like to give baseball a try.


And he's serious about it.


"I'm a professional player right now," the Baltimore Ravens Pro Bowl safety said. "I feel like -- not that I'll be better than [Michael Jordan] -- but with a little practice, I definitely could be effective in the outfield, stealing some bases and pinch-hitting."


Here is another little-known tidbit: Reed was an awful quarterback at Destrehan High School in Louisiana.


"I threw more interceptions than I caught … I had like four interceptions in one game," he said with a deadpan expression.


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McClain an All Pro. Wow!


I am sure that McClain will see an adjustment on the Pro-Bowl and All-Pro ballots next season. Nevertheless, McClain has been excellent this season and deserves every honor he is getting. Look at it this way, McClain is more critical to our offense than any other fullback is to their offense. Yes, McClain's versatility is a contributing factor to his worth and effectiveness.


Looking at the Pro-Bowl, you could make an argument that McClain could have made the team as a runningback. His stats are not too much different than Ronnie Brown's. That is very impressive considering McClain has not been our feature back for all of the season. Week 6-8, and 10-11 McClain had a total of 22 carries. It is very likely that McClain could have been the AFC's top back if he would have been our feature back the whole season. I like Le'Ron's prospects for next season.

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