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The dreaded vote of confidence

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Jim Boeheim is never going anywhere. The primary difference between him and Paterno is that Paterno controlled everything and made everyone his enemy; Syracuse has an entire array of successful sports teams and a strong-willed AD who doesn't need to can him in a power move. And, more importantly, Boeheim is a truly nice guy and has devoted his life to the school, whereas Paterno simply controlled his.


More on topic, Boeheim didn't actually do anything wrong.


They would also absolutely not pull back on the ACC invite for many reasons. First, things have already been signed and put into motion, so that's tons of money already invested. Secondly, Syracuse is the most important piece of the new expansion because it gives the ACC access to the northeast and (the key here) New York City. Third, it likely affects Pitt's standing and desire to stay, because most assume that 'Cuse and Pitt talked things over awhile back and decided to talk to the ACC and make the move together.


This situation, while disgusting, is not Penn State.

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I went to Syracuse and got to meet Jim Boeheim twice. And you can Google each individual thing I stated.


I will provide you with this, though:


Earlier on Tuesday, university chancellor Nancy Cantor offered her support. Following an unrelated meeting in Albany, Cantor said, "He is our coach."

"Can I tell you something? I've never worried about my job status," Boeheim said. "In 36 years, there have been times when I didn't have a contract or a contract extension. When I start worrying about my job status, I need to get a job with you guys."


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