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ExtremeRavens: The Sanctuary

"The March"


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Don't know if anyone has seen this yet, but everyone who was there knows how awesome this was...



Rocking cars, banging on cars passing by, packing the street.


This is their most happening spot in the whole city, and we totally took it over.


I wasn't at the Graham Central Station party, as when i got there i saw some folks i was hanging out with on friday night, and they said there wasn't even elbow room in there, and it was hot as a mug. So, we all went to the Irish bar next to it (MacGreggor's???), and got pretty rowdy...


We had the usual, What time is it? Game Time! What time is it? Game time! Any dogs in the house...


And the newcomer, What's our name? Ravens!


And the always popular, Let's go Rav-ens! clap clap clap-clap clap (also the Let's go Flac-co variant).


Good times.


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That was great. The Knashville natives must have been freaking out.


The information age just keeps expanding. 2000 wasn't that long ago, but there was no way to get easy internet access to all the videos that we see today.

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Holy crap!



I didn't know that Ayanbadejo was apart of that 2001 Super Bowl team (was he on the practice squad?). How cool is that?

He wasn't on that team. He first became a Raven during the offseason after the Super Bowl, but was cut before camp.


That is probably his brother's ring (who was on IR as a Raven during the Super Bowl).


Nevertheless, that movie is AWESOME!

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