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Bengals eye division duels


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Bengals eye division duels


January 12, 2009


If anyone knows just how brutal Sunday's AFC (North) title game is going to be between Pittsburgh and Baltimore, just check in with Bengals offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski.


Although he's had more success than most against the division iron, all four games this year against the top-rated Steelers defense and the second-ranked Ravens made the bottom 11 of the worst offensive outputs in Marvin Lewis' 97 games as head coach of the Bengals.


But maybe the way to beat them is to join them. Bratkowski knows that Lewis is calling for "a way different" offense as the club tries to get back into the division competition next season.



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More smashmouth offense in 2009?

Posted by JoeReedy at 1/13/2009 1:18 PM EST on Cincinnati.com


I talked to Bengals offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski today about the team's plans in the offseason, which will kick into high gear next week when the coaching staff assembles in Mobile, Ala., for the Senior Bowl. Head coach Marvin Lewis has said since the season ended that the offense will have a different look next season, and by all indications that means they are joining the rest of the AFC North in becoming a little more run oriented.


One thing that is evident is that the Bengals need to improve on offense to be successful. They had the league's worst-ranked offense last season.



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