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Will Cam Have The Plan?


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I read fan complaints that Cam's game plan and play calling become too conservative during the playoffs.

I've heard this as a negative about him as the Chargers OC when they hit the playoffs....as a reason why they never went all the way.


He's called a conservative game for the last 2 playoff games.


Now, as far as I'm concerned Cam is the best thing to happen to the Ravens offense since we got the franchise. He's done a fantastic job this year...he and his staff.


The Ravens and Stealers know each other very well, play the same style of smashmouth football and matchup evenly as evidenced by the close scoring games this year.


Will Cam stick to the conservative game plan to avoid turning the ball over while waiting for opportunities to be created by the defense?




Is Cam going to go all out to put the Ravens on top this time? By that I mean use the Suggs package, spread the field, some new running and blocking scemes, more screens to slow thw pass rush ect.


There's "No Tomorrow"

This it it.


It won't be cool if the Ravens fall behind and have to play catch up.


They need to score first, establish a lead, and keep the heat on to come out with a win.

2 yard runs won't do it.



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I just saw the Ravens video "Game Plan Offense AFC Championship" with Cam Cameron.

It's on the Ravens site...http://www.baltimoreravens.com/


Good video...Cam says a running play isn't conservative...it attacks a defense. (Rex agrees...he says that the team that runs the most in the playoffs, wins).

Cam said they won't serve up the same stuff because the Stealers are familiar with it. He says they will be creative and aggressive, but smart.

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