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Cap Room for Next year?


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I wouldn't call what we play a 3-4... even though Suggs is technically a LB. We tend to play Suggs, Bannan, Ngata and Pryce along the line... and sub in Lord knows how many others.


Peppers would be a freak to have on this D though. And if Pryce heads out or we find out Gregg is done for good, we could certainly use him.




Anyway, I heard the cap projection for next year will be around 120m... I don't know what our number is now though

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I don't know what to call what we use, but anyone with his athleticism would be amazing for this D. Suggs dropps back in coverage a good amount, as do some of our DT's even haha, so Pepper's speed and ability to pursue would be huge. I know we have all the LB's coming off the books, Jason Brown, Kyle Boller too. Also, I believe we get full cap relief from McNair's and Odgen's contracts next year. It seems to me we could be way under, so I'm interested in finding out. Don't forget we could be cutting CMac, who had a 10 Mil cap number for this year, and definitely isn't worth that kind of money.

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