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It's Personal


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Look...Mike Prestons feeling it....


All week long we've been hearing how great the Patriots (14-3) are, but two of their three losses were to teams with winning records while the Ravens beat all of the top teams they played.


Nobody fears New England's defense. The Patriots have been soft all year even though they were impressive a week ago against Denver, which had one of the best run-blocking offensive lines in the NFL.


You can almost smell an ambush here. Middle linebacker Ray Lewis has called Belichick one of the brightest minds ever and outside linebacker Terrell Suggs has been gushing over Brady this week after years of verbal exchanges.


That's funny. What's next, roses?


Suggs can't stand Brady and the Ravens don't care much for New England. There is a great deal of mutual respect shared between the two teams, but the Ravens have a lot to prove when they take the field Sunday.


It's personal.


The Patriots have the NFL's No. 2 offense and the Ravens are ranked No. 3 in defense. That's personal. Few teams are ever favored by more than a touchdown, especially in the playoffs, but New England is getting 7.5. points.


That's a slap in the face to the Ravens. That's personal.


The Patriots, Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts are the NFL's golden boys but the Ravens still get treated like the ugly stepchild.



I've been feeling very good about a Ravens win this week. I love the matchup.

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