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Shannon Sharpe: World Says Ravens Can’t Win


Shannon Sharpe has heard it.


You've heard it.


The Ravens' players and coaches have heard it.


We – the Baltimore Ravens – can't win in New England.


Heck, I've seen a number of reports that say Bill Belichick's team has the easy path to the Super Bowl. The Patriots played at home against a Broncos team with a young quarterback that had been beaten up by the Steelers six days earlier. Now, New England gets a flawed Ravens' team whose “defense isn't what it used to be” and whose offense has been questioned all season. And, it's in the Pats’ backyard.


"Nobody gives you a chance," the Hall of Famer Sharpe, who helped the Ravens to a victory in Super Bowl XXXV in 2000, told the team yesterday (Thursday). Sharpe was in town to interview Ray Lewis for a feature that will be part of CBS-TV's pre-game show on Sunday.


"Nobody thought the Ravens could win in 2000. Joe Flacco, if we had you then, we'd have won easily and more than one Super Bowl," Sharpe told the team in the middle of the practice field at the end of the morning "walk-through."


"I was on a Broncos team that couldn't beat Green Bay (Super Bowl XXXII)," Sharpe said. "They were 12 points better, that's what the experts said. We won (31-24). You're like that team. You know better than the experts. Nobody gives you a chance, and I sense you like that.”



Let's have a look at the Ravens Team Bus heading into Gillette Stadium...



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