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Brian Quick small school

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Brian Quick

Appalachian State

6-4 220

This 6’5” former high school basketball star is a raw, but extraordinarily gifted physical specimen blessed with deep speed, superior leaping prowess and soft hands to haul in off-target passes with relative ease. His size makes him a huge presence in the red zone and Quick uses his frame to his advantage by shielding defensive backs from the football. The South Carolina native has enough natural strength to bowl over would-be tacklers in congested spaces and isn’t one to go down easily. Quick can also hold his own as a downfield blocker. Running sharper routes is the area where he can improve himself the most.


He gets the tough catches. Nice YAC.


draft scout 2-3rd

walter 4-6th

draft 101 3rd

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Here's another big guy, long strider with speed, body control, and who tracks the deep ball well. He even has unusually agility and opperates well in small areas for a guy his size. With Quick I just don't see him using his size to his advantage on the deep balls. He doesn't have that Larry Fitz/Vincent Jackson-type trait where he grabs the ball at its highest point. He just lets it come into his body.

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