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Ravens D set new record


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And it's one hell of a great record....


For those not keeping track, three unrestricted free agents who were key elements of the run defense have now departed for other teams. Jarret Johnson, the rugged linebacker, and Cory Redding, the veteran end, had even larger roles than McKinney, playing the first two downs of most series.


That’s a significant talent drain from the rotation of guys who helped the Ravens set an NFL record for run-stopping longevity in 2011. That’s right, an NFL record – and a darn good one at that.


When their opponents gained just 3.5 yards per rush last season, that made it 16 years in a row that the Ravens had held their opponents under the benchmark of 4.0 yards per rush. The Buffalo Bills did it for 15 straight years from 1986 through 2000, and the Dallas Cowboys also did it for 15 straight years from 1964 to 1978, but now the Ravens own the record.


Think about it: in the 16 years the team has existed, it has never allowed opponents to average as much as 4.0 yards per rush over a season. Along the way, the Ravens have ranked in the top three in the league in run defense 10 times, including last season, when they were second, allowing almost a yard less than the league average of 4.3 yards per rush.



We're numb to it. The inability to run on this defense for 16 years is just a 'given' for many Ravens fans because this is what we expect from Raven football.

You know...the league hates us... :) ....this is why they keep changing the rules to make it a pass happy league.



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