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Baltimore Ravens: Ravens First Mandatory Minicamp Practice Transcripts


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I've always felt the Ravens have an advantage in the rain. It doesn't affect Joe.


While the buzz among reporters was about Ed not being here, the talk in our building – the Under Armour Performance Center – was about Joe Flacco’s practice. Like the Ravens’ defense, the rain during Tuesday’s practice was relentless. And, with the wind, the rain volume was going sideways at times. Without being prompted, John Harbaugh, Ray Lewis and Anquan Boldin each mentioned how well Joe passed through that mess. Reminded me of Cam Cameron’s comments after the Ravens put Joe through a private workout on a cold rainy day before we selected Flacco in the first round in 2008. “That’s an AFC North quarterback,” Cam said at the time. “He threw new NFL balls through the rain and wind like it was a nice summer day. Big hands gripping a wet ball. Big arm. Big man. We have to get him.”



All the reports on Joe have been very positive. He hasn't had an off or bad day.

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