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Ray Rice demonstrates that he’s staying in great shape


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Ray Rice remains unsigned as the Ravens’ franchise player, but coach John Harbaugh said last month that he’s not concerned about Rice showing up in shape, whenever he does show up. And now Rice has demonstrated exactly why.

Rice has been writing on Twitter about his 5:15 a.m. workouts, and he recently linked to a video that shows him running up and down bleachers while wearing a weighted vest and holding a keg in each hand, above his head. Yes, he’s in good shape.

The Ravens slapped Rice with the franchise tag, and Rice has shown little interest in signing the one-year, $7.7 million tender. For their part, the Ravens have shown little interest in signing Rice to a long-term contract that pays him like he wants to be paid, in the range of the contracts that Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson signed last year. So it’s possible that Rice will remain unsigned well into training camp.

But Harbaugh said that no matter how long Rice is out, he’ll be ready to go when the time comes.

Ray will be ready to go when the season starts, he’ll be in shape and he’ll be Ray Rice,” Harbaugh said. “He’s one of the hardest-working guys, and I have complete trust in Ray.”

Rice’s workout video is a strong indication that Harbaugh is right to trust in Ray.


he will not pull a Chris Johnson.

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