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Wieters on Fire


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He may not be having the rookie of the year season we all expected... but he is showing HUGE improvement recently.


2 home runs in 2 games... including a walk-off last night to win the game.


He also is hitting 300 as a lefty (against righties), which is pretty impressive. Only 215 as a righty though. :(


And his arm is just amazing right now - gunned Crawford TWICE last night, only second time Crawford has ever been caught twice in a game. Second time, Crawford looked like he was going to be in by a mile... Matt got him, clear as day... Crawford got up with that "How did that happen?" look on his face.

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Another HR for Wieters. This guy is really putting it all together and should be ready to rake next year. I'm liking a 1-5 of Roberts, Jones, Markakis, Wieters, Reimold. Or maybe even something like Roberts, Markakis, Wieters, Reimold, Jones. Nevertheless I like the core of those five guys (six if you add in Felix) and hopefully Bell and/or Snyder can come up next year and give us some extra pop.

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