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One Winning Drive: Ravens-Chargers: On the Edge


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Darren Sproles Ray Rice

Ravens Rush Attack vs. Chargers Rush Defense:

The Chargers defense is not quite the feared force it was growing into in 2006 and 2007. They are a decent at stopping the rush, but not superb, allowing just over 100 yards a game in 2008 and allowing well over 100 yards on the ground against the Raiders. The Chargers will struggle mightily with the Ravens multi-faceted rush attack, especially if the Ravens return to their run-oriented gameplan and control the clock. Even with limited touches, the Ravens showed they know how to use their running weapons, getting quality touches to Ray Rice, Willis McGahee and even Le’Ron McClain. We may not see any back top 100 yards on their own, but the Ravens expect to be pushing 200 yards as a team on a weekly basis. Edge: Ravens.

Ravens Pass Attack vs. Chargers Pass Defense: (more…)

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I think the Ravens have the edge in their pass attack. A solid, accurate QB in Joe Flacco (who can make all the throws), Heap and Mason are serious weapons, Clayton may be finally emerging and Ray Rice and Willis can catch the ball. Somebody will always be open.

The biggest factor is the Ravens O line is too big and atheletic to push around. Yes, they are young and developing as a unit but they are too nasty to be intimidated or pushed around by the Charger D.


Then there is the "Cam" factor...he'll have the plan and adjustments ready.


What worries me most is The Big Play. The Chargers makes them and it only takes a few to win a game. The Ravens could dominate on stats and lose this game. I hope they learned from KC.

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