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Football Gameplan's 2012 Wk 7 Ravens vs Texans Preview


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Way to much respect for the Ravens.


1 Cody is a steaming pile. Two weeks ago on the pregame I heard that that was an Ozzie pick and the rest of the scouting dept didn't like him. The best he has been was his rookie yr when he was a tub of goo. He lost weight last yr and started getting pushed around. He still is.


2 The Run D has been wearing out for about 3 yrs. This yr it has broken. I expect 250 yds for the Texans on the ground. They will have to sell out to stop the run and Schaub will go over the top.


3 The Ravens aren't on the field enough to keep the D somewhat fresh. Also they don't get enough offensive touches.


Prediction Hou win 26-14

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John McClain from the Houston Chronicle was on the Fan this morning. Apparantly Houston has some problems (no pun) of their own they are dealing with. I did not hear the whole interview, but here are some of the key points:


1. Andre Johnson is not the same elite player. McClain said that Johnson is struggling to get separation against man coverage and getting deep. Every week reporters ask him if he's injured. Johnson is saying no. The Texans are saying he is being double covered but the film does not support that McClain said. Johnson is on pace for his least productive season since his rookie year. Kevin Walter is not faring too much better.

2. The loss of Cushing is a big factor in this matchup. Cushing was able to blanket runningbacks out of the backfield neutralizing them in the passing game. McClain said the Texans do not have a linebacker that is capable of covering Ray Rice.



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