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Nice article....


Despite all their injuries and flaws, the Ravens are 8-2 for the first time.


The Ravens have dealt with injuries to some of their biggest stars.


They’ve played more than half of one of the most difficult schedules in the NFL.


They’re working through atypical difficulties, particularly with giving up big yardage on defense and with offensive inconsistency on the road.


Despite all that, the Ravens are off to their best start in five years under Head Coach John Harbaugh, and are tied for the finest start in franchise history.


The Ravens are 8-2, two games ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers (6-4) in the AFC North. Their only other 8-2 start was in 2006 when they won the division.


“The world gets caught up in fantasy stats,” running back Ray Riceicon-article-link.gif said. “For us, the fantasy stat is 8-2.”


The Ravens still have issues ahead that will test them.


Part of it is a difficult remaining schedule all against teams in the playoff hunt.



As with any team, there are issues to work out on both sides of the ball too. The Ravens offense ranks 21st in yards per game (338.7) and the defense is 25th in yards allowed per game (382.3).


But Head Coach John Harbaugh encouraged reporters to look at the points – which are what matter at the end of a game. Baltimore is tied for seventh in points scored per game (26.7) and ninth in points allowed per game (20.6).


And in his mind, the Ravens aren’t close to being done growing.


“We can get so much better,” Harbaugh said after Sunday’s game. “The thing I love about this team is this team understands that. This team is ready to go to work. We’re talking about tomorrow and how we’re going to get better this week.”



I'm drinking Johns purple kool aid.

As I see it, the Ravens can't get healthy this year, but they can get healthier. That is vital come playoff time.

Now...keep getting better and get on a roll heading into the playoffs.


"Let's go to work!"


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Good article. I do like that we're achieving despite our flaws. That says something about character. (A little about timing too, Ben's injury was like chicken soup lol) Suggs is going to come on stronger as the season progresses. Freddy Kruger seems to be hitting his stride as well as he's been making plays. We desperately need an effective pass rush to take pressure off our weakened secondary.


On offense our offensive staff and Joe need to make better in game adjustments. If the opposing team as taken the primary receiver away, make the secondary receiver the hot route. And Joe needs to get on the same page with Dickson. Working Pitta and Dickson together is going to wear down and tire those LBs.

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