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How Ravens are winning


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From Kevin Byrne...I always feel better about this team after reading his articles...


Some Stats To Ponder


Andjust how have we won eight of our first 10 – and, if we win in San Diego, we will match the best start (2006) in Ravens history? Some reporters and fans point to our offensive and defensive standing in the league and proclaim: "The Ravens aren't as good as their record."




We rank 21st in offense and 25th in defense among the 32 teams. That doesn't look very good, and those aren't numbers we're bragging about. Butwhat's the most important stat there is? Simple answer: points. Well, we're averaging the NFL’s seventh most points, while allowing the ninth fewest. Not too shabby.


How about red zone numbers? On offense, we're the seventh-best team in scoring proficiency (i.e. scoring the most touchdowns when we get inside the 20-yard line). Defensively, we're the best team in the NFL at keeping teams out of the end zone once they get into the red zone. And, here's another huge stat: We're second in turnover differential with a 12 mark.


So, guess what? You win the special teams' battle; you don't turn the ball over, but you steal it from opponents; you give up yards, but not a lot of points; and you're pretty good on offense (we're tied with Denver for the most “explosive” pass plays – those 25 yards and longer). Add all that up, and you win a lot of games. We find a way.




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