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Carson Palmer Press Conference Transcript


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Carson Palmer Press Conference Transcript

Posted 9 minutes ago




Q: Is Baltimore's defense doing the same stuff they have done in the past?

CP: "No. Quite a bit different. (They have) a new coordinator, different looks, but they are very good across the board. They cover you man-to-man, they have guys that can run, and they have athletic guys on the outside, very fast guys at corner. Ed Reed is always a concern. They're a really good zone team. They pass things off really well in their zone, so they don't get themselves out of place. They don't give up big plays. It's a really well-coached, good group with Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed and Ray Lewis, three players that can be defensive MVPs every year, and a bunch of guys that are really good players, too. They're a really good unit and a tough challenge for us."


Q: With four straight close games, is the confidence level on this team high?

CP: "I think there's a reason for guys to have a lot of confidence. But talking to guys, we're not satisfied. We're still hungry. We have a lot of errors going on, and lots of things to clean up. We're definitely confident that we can come through. But we believe we haven't played our best football yet. We know we haven't played our best football yet. We need to go out and be more consistent from kickoff to the final whistle of the game, as opposed to have spurts in the first quarter, or the first half, or the fourth quarter or the fifth quarter. We need to put together a complete game. That's something we know we can do, but we have to go out and do it."


Q: Are you guys still adjusting to the new style of trying to establish the run, first and foremost?

CP: "No, we've been doing what we're doing now since April. There isn't a specific reason. It's not one reason. There have been a number of different things we've been off on from week to week. We keep going back to the drawing board, starting with the fundamentals and trying to improve on it. We come in on Monday, and we look at the mistakes we made, and we start Wednesday and go through Friday to get things ready."



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