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A bye is simply a week off. A little vacation time in the middle of the season. A chance to go home for a few days or spend some extra time with the family. It's also a time to heal some of those bruises from the first seven weeks of the season.


But something mysterious must happen to the Bengals. Since the bye was first instituted in the 1990 season, the Bengals have won 4 games, lost 15 and tied one in the week following the bye.

I'm not Mr Statistic, but I have to think that ranks with the worst of all time in the NFL.


It makes no difference when the bye comes. In 2000, the Bengals had the bye in the first week of the season. They then proceeded to lose their opener to Cleveland.


In 1999, the bye came on December 19, Week 14. They then lost in week 15 to the Ravens.


Some bright light in the NFL office thought it would be fun to have two bye weeks in 1993. The Bengals came back and lost to the Chiefs and the Steelers.


In 1996 and 1997, their bye week each time preceded games against the Denver Broncos. Denver beat them both times, once at Cinergy Field, the next year at

Mile High Stadium.


I guess it shouldn't be a secret that the Bengals are bad after a bye week. Over the past 20 years, they've been bad in just about any week of the season.


The Rest

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we are gonna go into the bengals house and take back the victory they stole from us in our house!! REVEEEEEEEENGE IS GONNA BE SWEET!!!

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