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The Ravens lost in all 3 phases of the game yesterday and it's time to right that ship.


Yes the 2009 offense is better than last year in yardage and points but the defense is not.

They are worse.

The Ravens are getting killed in the time of possesion battle...especially in their losses...and the field position battle. The D needs to rest until they solve getting off the field.


Go back to last years 3 headed monster to start the game...let the O line get physical...not in passive protect mode. Soften up the D line and LB's...then the O can do anything they want.

Hell...they can't move the ball in the 1st half and score much anyway...might as well wear down the D for the 2nd half and then you can open up the playbook and it will be effective.

The offense is not starting fast so get something done by wearing down a D and controling the ball and clock.


I love Ray Fucking Rice but I'd rather see him get 500 yards rushing and 500 receiving on the year and win, then see him get 1,000 yards rushing and 900 receiving and lose.


And here's another reason to do it: You can't count on the Ravens receivers to get open against CB tandums of 'B' or better. The playoff caliber teams have them.

Surrender. Not happening with this lot. Brick wall.

2 games against the Steelers comming up and they know how to shut that door. Joe couldn't find an open man yesterday.

Rice as the leading receiver means Joe has to check down way too much to find an open man.

Pull those safeties into the box and give the WR's some help.

Pull them into the box and let 'Bring the Pain' McLain soften them up.


Get back to being a punishing, physical O line and running game.

Get back to controling the ball and field position.

That puts you in position to win against the good teams.

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