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Connor was cool. The long prologue as Dad was slow to me. Part of it was my fault. I didn't power up everything in the present as I played so I had to do them all at the end. That was a lot of cut scenes to watch at one time so that seemed long.

I liked the homestead missions.

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Overall I thought AC3 was a good game. I liked Anzio's story better, I just liked Italy's/Europe setting vs the colonies.


The Good: Naval combat, Homestead missions, fortress missions, Hunting side-quest, Conner/Achilles


The not so good: Short story, repetitive scenery, The Ending (the whole Lee chase seemed anti-climatic),


Does anyone care about Desmond's story? I constantly want to go back in the Animous....

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I agree with you both. Everything you listed as good is what I enjoyed.


I do not care about Desmond's story at all. The whole outside-the-animus storyline is so dry and mundane. It was a little more interesting in AC3 than before since there was some actual movement with Desmond, but overall, I just play straight through.


I also wished in AC3 that there was more time to play as Connor as a child. That would have been interesting. To have him travel into one of the towns with his mother.


Really enjoyed Achilles.

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