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WTH Is Going On With the Ravens vs. Browns?


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First, allegations of spitting. Now, allegations of choking. What is going on? This stuff is so juvenile, and yet serious, at the same time.


Ravens veteran strong safety James Ihedigbo denied an allegation by Cleveland Browns wide receiver Greg Little that he choked him at the bottom of a pile during Sunday's game.

Little told Cleveland reporters Wednesday that was why he ripped off Ihedigbo's helmet and launched it toward the sideline, drawing the first of two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties for altercations with the Ravens' veteran defensive back. Ihedigbo wasn't penalized during either exchange.

"It's kind of unfortunate that this is even being an issue," said Ihedigbo during an interview with Baltimore reporters after being informed of Little's remarks. "It's a divisional game, things get physical and get rowdy. I would never personally cross the lines or play outside the rules in any manner. You can freeze the clips. I have my hand on his chest. He ripped off my helmet and threw it.


"I guess looking back on him losing his cool and saying what took place that didn't take place. The refs would have seen it, other players would have seen it. And I would have been punished for the play as well. That didn't take place. He lost his cool. He threw my helmet. Therefore, the penalty was given on him. To sit back and say now all this other stuff happened and it's Wednesday and the game happened on Sunday is kind of ridiculous to me."


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