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I did my first "Black Friday" in 30 years..We left the house at 4am still belching thanksgiving beer :)

There are some crazy people out there that time in the morning, but the bargains were there for the taken, we bought 1300 worth of goodies for 550.00 it wasnt a bad day..Heres a hint to avoid those long check out lines, I worked it twice once at Kohls and the other at Target..Check out lines were an hour long..I went to the jewelry counter and bought a watch battery, well you cant leave the jewelry counter without paying.. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


No line at all at either store and I was out of there in under 30 minutes.

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Uh, opposite. I was at White Marsh at 4:30 AM and it wasn't great. JCPenney was packed, and Sears already had a line outside (opened at 5). There were like 30 people sitting outside of Radioshack.


Then we went to Kmart, which hadn't opened yet. There was a line going all the way from the door, down the sidewalk, to nearly the end of the shopping center. We decided to skip that since there were no interesting sales anyway, and went to Walmart.


I kid you not, the checkout lines for Walmart went all the way from the front of the store to the back. We were there at about 6AM, and every single checkout line went to the back of the store. Surprisingly, though, the electronics register hardly had a line at all. ;)


Crav, you are right about that, too. If you take your stuff to any place that runs on commission sales, and buy something (cheap jewelry, vacuum filters from appliances, etc.), the sales folks there will be more than happy to help you avoid any line, as opposed to someone buying from another department entirely.

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