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Stephen Jones says Jerry will lead Cowboys to a championship, sooner than later

On the same day Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said it’s so much harder to win now than when he bought the team nearly a quarter-century ago, his son declared that Jerry will lead the team back to glory, sooner than later.

“We’re gonna win a championship sooner than later with Jerry at the helm,” Cowboys executive V.P. Stephen Jones said Friday on 105.3 The Fan Dallas/Ft. Worth on Friday, via the Dallas Morning News.

The comments are telling, in two ways. First, they represents an admission of sorts that Jerry wasn’t truly “at the helm” for the first three championships the Cowboys won during the Jones tenure. Second, they underscore the widespread belief that Jones would prefer to be the captain of a barely-buoyant boat over riding sidecar to a coach who picks the food, buys the groceries, kicks the asses, and takes the names, possibly not in that precise order.

Jimmy Johnson did just that, building a team that won a pair of Super Bowls with Johnson as the coach and a third with Barry Switzer coaching the team Johnson built.

Since then, the Cowboys have been as middle of the pack as they can be. As pointed out by the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys are 135-135 since 1997, with only one playoff win.

To get another playoff win, they first have to get to the playoffs. At 7-7 in 2013, they may have to wait at least another year for that second playoff win since late December 1996, the year after the Cowboys won their most recent championship.



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