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I'm playing through it right now for X1. Spectacular graphics. I can't speak to the length of the game because I haven't played the main story too much but all the reviews say it's no more than a few hours. The map is open so I've been exploring, collecting the hidden patches and getting used to the gameplay. I just learned how to choke and interrogate which is cool. It's probably a good value for $20 although I'm sure you could beat it in a rental period.

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I beat the main story in MGS5 GZ. Looking back the main story is really short. It's one mission that has two objectives. Most of my time was figuring out the controls and getting used to the map to get all the patches and cassettes. I hadn't played a Metal Gear game in years, but I'm sure a Metal Gear vet could beat the game real quick. There are some additional side missions that you unlock after the main story but they are not story related. So I will play Watch Dogs before doing those, if I do.

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