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6 Position battles


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Nice article by Joe...




Six Position Battles To Watch During Ravens Training Camp

Posted on July 15, 2014 by Joe Platania

Barring injuries, the Ravens' training camp mode, which will run until Aug. 14, won't be used to sort out the positions where the team is either deep or stable: quarterback, wide receiver, tight end, defensive line and outside linebacker.

But, as with any team in the salary-cap era, Baltimore has undergone roster turnover on the field, not to mention turmoil off of it. That breeds uncertainty and closer scrutiny for some key positions.

Fans may think competition breeds question marks and pessimism. But for today's Ravens, it is a healthy element given the franchise's not-too-distant past.

During the Ravens' early years, the team's core was dominated by older, content veterans who had played in Cleveland facing little competition for their jobs. That led to complacency, cynicism and lackluster play, particularly during the second halves of games, when poor conditioning and a diminished sense of urgency played roles in numerous come-from-ahead losses.

But in 2014, an easier schedule coupled with a roster loaded with youth -- 10 players on the camp-opening 90-man roster are 30 or older -- could lead to more spirited camp battles, not to mention a resurgence of the Ravens' postseason presence.http://www.pressboxonline.com/2014/07/12/six-position-battles-to-watch-during-ravens-training-camp


He picks Brooks to win the Free Safety spot. That's 2 youngsters as the last line of defense.



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How is JP doing with his knee?


I only see two, RT and FS.


Maybe all three, James Hurst, Ryan Jensen, Rick Wagner make the team, they can play the line.


I think maybe Stewart will start the season, Brooks will get in maybe before midway, unless Stewart ends up being another Huff.

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