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Kiper's "Grade A" Draft


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Baltimore Ravens

Top needs: WR, TE, CB, S, DE


First round (25): Jermaine Gresham


Second-round options (57): WR Danario Alexander, WR Mike Williams, CB Trevard Lindley, CB Kyle Wilson


Third-round options (88): S Darrell Stuckey, CB Donovan Warren, Jermaine Cunningham


Summary: I projected Gresham to fall to the Ravens at No. 25 and I don't think they should pass, because whether WR is their top need or not, this is a guy who could become Joe Flacco's best friend. He can learn from Todd Heap and become a force. Alexander and Williams are both guys who could be in Round 2 or 3, and I also add two CB options. Warren or Cunningham at that stage of the third would represent great value. With Reed's health a question mark the Ravens may also consider a safety. They'd be wise to at some point. An apprenticeship under Reed could have great value.



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If we really landed:


1) Jermaine Gresham

2) Danario Alexander/Mike Williams

3) Stuckey/Warren/Cunningham


...that would be an amazing draft for us. Sure, there are question marks (Gresham's injury, Alexander's size-and-speed, Williams' character concerns) but there's also the possibility that all three of those guys could end up as starters for us (which is all you can ever ask for from the players you draft).

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