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Could anyone here help me with a special purchase for my Dad's 60th Birthday?


He enjoys playing a lot of golf and with his retirement nearing my family want to buy him something special. Anyone that plays golf will understand how special a Scotty Cameron Putter can be and we want to get him a Scotty Cameron Custom Shop Model. Unfortunately you can't purchase them direct from the Custom Shop. You must buy or already have the putter and send it in to the Custom Shop for work to be done. The cost of doing this from the UK is proving very prohibitive but pricing it all through the US and then having it posted by a private individual from the US to the UK is much more palatable for the wallet especially when it comes to customs charges and taxes when it arrives in the UK.


If someone can help me out send me a PM and I will explain fully the help I am after.


Many thanks in advance to anyone that offers help.

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Been checking ebay almost daily but I'm not seeing what we are after. There is one guy that seems to sell Custom Shop stuff exclusively but he wouldn't take a request. It's buy what he has for sale and that's it. There was one seller that was willing to post directly to the custom shop for me but the auction ended during the middle of the night and someone outbid me. I had tried to stay up but fell asleep with about an hour of the auction remaining :cryin1:

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