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Is Demaryius Thomas the Ravens' Answer at WR?


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Thomas may be the most physically gifted receiver in the draft, and has a chance to eventually be an Andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson type player in the NFL. His value will only go up after the combine. I think he's the number two receiver in the draft behind Dez Bryant, and more than worthy of a first-round pick.


See for yourself:



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Thomas is going to be a stud! I have been telling people this for the past 2 months...if you look at the film on him he isn't as raw as people are saying. May be raw only in not playing in a pro style offense but he was extremely successful in a triple option which is difficult for a WR. Heyward-Bey was more raw and without as much talent as Thomas and there were many people here that were drooling over him this time last year.


As far as lack of speed...take another look at the video on the play where GT ran a quick throw to him on the right side and he stiff armed the defender and out ran the entire Georgia defense down the sideline. I unofficially timed him and he ran approximately 70 yards in about 8 seconds...not too shabby.


After the combine I would be willing to bet that Thomas grades out as the undisputed 2nd best WR in the draft worthy of being picked at #25 overall, if not earlier. Personally, I would rather stay put and try and take Thomas or Jermaine Gresham at #25 if they are both gone then I would like to trade back and draft either Benn from Illinois or Williams from USC or the CB Kyle Wilson from Boise State. These are all better scenarios then trading our at least our first round pick and probably our third rounder for Brandon Marshall!

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Man, he is a big guy. He looks like Vernon Davis on the field.


He looks a lot like Andre Johnson physically, but runs like Boldin and jumps like Fitz or Megatron. Probably not quite as fast as Andre (4.33), but he's at least bigger and faster than Boldin, and seems to have a knack for getting open and attacking the ball in the air.


I say he's gone by the time we pick.

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This is unfortunate for Thomas and cost him a lot of money! I could see the Ravens still taking him in the first round by just seeing what he did on game tape! Recovery time is 4-6 weeks, does this mean he would be ready to hold a Pro Day work out?


Also, you know Oz loves to trade back to collect more picks which he could do and still get Thomas in the early 2nd.


If we stay put at #25 I still like Gresham TE from Oklahoma, Kyle Wilson CB from Boise St, and Benn WR from Illinois vs Thomas.

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